Feng Shui for Well Being

Feng Shui for Well Being

The Energy of Wind and Water


Feng shui (pronounced fung shway) is the idea of living in harmony and balance with our environment and dates back over 7000 years. It is the study of energy (Chi) and how it's circulation affects people. The circulation of this invisible energy can be blocked or distorted by our environment, thus creating Shar Chi (or negative energy).

Feng shui may be approached on several levels.

1. Arrange your home, office, business for good circulation of Energy.
In arranging a room, 9 areas are noted to be of special significance. The following table, also known as a Baqua Map, illustrates the relationship of areas in a room (or home) in relation to the room's Main Entrance. Imagine dividing your room (home, office) into the following 9 areas, then place objects which reinforce the attributes of each area.

Baqua Map

WEALTH( purple) Southeast: Call in chi with fountains, crystals, mobiles FAME (red) South, Fiery items: candles, incense RELATIONSHIPS (pink) Southwest: Pairs of things: bookends, matching statues
HEALTH & FAMILY (green) East, Wood: Plants, flowers, living things CENTER (yellow) : Quiet space for centering, meditation CHILDREN, CREATIVITY (white) West, Metal: Whimsical items, crafts
KNOWLEDGE (blue-green) Northeast: Enhance personal reflection CAREER (black) North, Water: Flowing water fountains, crystals HELPFUL PEOPLE (gray) Northwest: Spiritual guidance, travel and helping
MAIN ENTRANCE (Use Entrance or Compass directions to view map)

* Note: If using the Compass Method, disregard the "main entrance" and look at the room or building by Compass Directions.

Just as energy circulates in a room, it also circulates in our minds and bodies. Internal Feng Shui involves the pattern of energy flows inside ourselves. These inside flows are reflected out into our environments and our environments influence the inner flows. Even the elements are similar - Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth energies circulate inside us and influence the physical health and functioning of our bodies. For example, Air energy provides movement in the nervous and circulatory systems. Tight shoulders and high stress block this energy. To promote it's flow, eat foods that grow high in the air (fruits and nuts) and gently massage your shoulders to release tightness.

Energize the Element

Energize Water with vegetables & melon type foods and soothing baths or trips to the ocean. Earth (Body Forms,)
Physical = Bones,
Emotional = Fear vs. Feeling Safe
Energize Earth with foods that grow below the ground & calming physical activity like gardening.
Physical = Reproductive systems,
Emotional =
Attachment vs. Letting Go
Physical = Joints,
Emotional = Grief vs. Joy
Physical = Nerves, Circulation, Breath,
Emotional = Desire vs. Love
Energize Fire by eating wheat & grains and vigorous physical activity to burn off stress. Fire
Physical= Digestion,
Emotional = Anger vs. Enthusiasm
Energize Air with foods that grow high on trees and yoga or meditation to loosen shoulders & decrease stress.

* Note: If using the Compass Method, disregard the "main entrance" and look at the room or building by Compass Directions.

2. Use "cures" to generate energy when the structure of the room or building prevents placement of above items.

  • Bright Objects: Mirrors, Faceted Crystal balls, gems, lights, candles....
  • Sounds: Wind chimes, bells, music
  • Living Chi: Flowers, Plants, Birds, Fish
  • Moving: Mobiles, Chimes, Fountains
  • Heavy: Stone Sculptures, Furniture
  • Mechanical: Computers, Stereos, TV
  • Bamboo: flutes
  • Color: Relates to each area on Baqua Map


Choose a room to begin. An office, bedroom, or family room will do nicely. Stand in the main door and survey each of the 8 Life Areas as illustrated in the Baqua Map. Look for "flow-less" areas, dead, empty areas or cluttered areas. Remove blocks to energy (Chi) first by cleaning and un-cluttering. Then look for accents to help energy flow.

Leaded crystals are one of the most common, and easiest cures to apply. Lead crystals increase the balance of yang (the masculine energy of heat, life, summer, day, sun and fire) energy resulting in greater energy flow and life force.

Common places to hang crystals are:

  • A long hall way with many doors where energy becomes "trapped". Hang the crystal from the ceiling half way down the hall to slow and disperse energy.
  • When a door is directly in line with a bed, desk chair, or place you spend a lot of time. Hang the crystal between the door and bed/chair so Chi (energy) will slow down.
  • When steps lead directly to a door. Place the crystal between the bottom steps and the door.
  • Wherever you wish to create a greater and smoother energy flow. Placing a crystal in each window allows sunlight to pass through, activating the Chi (energy) in a gentle, yet powerful way.

Mirrors are another common cure, used to deflect something negative away from you or to reflect something positive into your environment.

Common uses of mirrors include:

When a ceiling slants down above a bed or down on your head in the office, place a mirror face up with the intention of lifting the ceiling back up.

    • When a room you spend time in is over a garage, place a mirror face down to reflect away the energy coming up from below.

By now, you have the idea. You want to open up closed areas and allow energy to flow easily. Experiment. If it feels good to you, it probably is! And most of all, have fun creating a room of well being.