Article # 4: What about the Mind? Part I

Article # 4: What about the Mind? Part I

Magnifying glassI am drawing a distinction here between the brain and the Mind, between the Mind and the mind. The brain is a physical thing, encased within the physical body. The brain is very definitely physical.

The Mind, as I am discussing it, is very definitely not physical. The mind is a little piece of Mind that thinks it is all on its own, alone and cut off from the Mind. The mind has somehow become separated from Mind.

The Mind is an expression of Energy. The Mind is an expression of Spirit, existing beyond the limits of space and time, it is space-less and time-less.

The term' body-mind-spirit' is an attempt to unify what is not capable of being unified. The brain is physical -- Mind and Spirit exist beyond the physical. We often confuse the physical and the beyond-physical (meta-physical). We can see the physical and find it almost impossible to question its reality. We can only infer the presence of the beyond-physical and it seems easy to doubt its existence and influence, if any.

Spirit inspires. The Mind focuses this inspiration to manifest in the physical world.

Light uses a device to express Itself. In this instance the device, or tool, is the Mind. The Mind may be thought of as a focusing device for Spirit, for the Light of Love. We may use a magnifying glass to focus the light from the sun. By focusing the light onto a stack of wood, we cause the wood to catch fire, the fire heats the kettle of water, causing the water to boil, turning water into steam and then we may use steam to power a locomotive or other form of machinery.

The Mind may be thought of as a focusing device for Spirit, for Light, for Love. As we use the magnifying glass to focus the sun's energy, so we may use the Mind to focus Spiritual Energy, the Light of Love. The appropriate flow is from Spirit, focused by Mind, and finally expressed by the body into the physical realm.

Each part of Mind carries all of the Light, all of the Power, of the entire Mind. It is not doled out according to some magical formula. Each part is a container of the whole and yet the whole exceeds the sum of its parts. This is one of those statements that seems to make no sense, but given sufficient focus, may just turn into a 'masterpiece of reason'.

When one of these tiny, little pieces of Mind forgets What It is and sees Itself as the little mind, it has judged Itself as lacking. It sees itself as separate from the Whole, as separate from its Source, as separate the Light of Love.

When this little mind tries to focus the Light of Love, it cannot find It because it has seen itself as separate from It. And so this little mind imagines what light might be and introduces distortions. It is these distortions that we perceive coming back to us. These perceptions are inaccurate and do not reflect Truth as Spirit knows the Truth to be.

The mind does not know Truth nor Light nor Love. When the mind focuses, the only thing it has available is its own version of light, which is darkness. Sounds silly when we stop to think about it

Although that is exactly what it is, a silly, childish mistake. A child might believe that 2 + 2 = 5, and that would be a mistake. The child may try to make it right but will never be able to change the laws that govern simple addition. The rest of the world is not frightened by this child's mistake.

The rest of the world may know that 2 + 2 = 4, yet this child may continue to believe the correct answer is 5. When this child grows up and attempts to do solve mathematical problems, like building a house or balancing a checkbook, the results will most likely be wrong because of the first mistake.

A good teacher will strive to find a loving and gentle way of helping this child to understand the correct answer.

Once corrected, the mistake will have no cause and no effect. The mistake has been 'forgiven'. The cause was the child's silly, mistaken belief. Once the belief has been corrected, the cause is gone and without cause there can be no effect.

And so it is that we find ourselves having made a mistake, believing we have become separate from our Source, from the Light of Love.

(continued in Mind-Part II)