Article # 7 – Body, Mind, Spirit

Article # 7 - Body, Mind, Spirit

angel manOK, alright now, we are finally getting into a period of integration rather than of separation. I have always preferred adding things together, rather than subtracting things from the whole.

Body, Mind and Spirit just kind of rolls off the tongue. Seems like the phrase has been around a very long time. We can now put these terms into a wholeness that exceed the sum of their parts, an expression of the manifestation of our physical presence here on planet earth.

  • Spirit is Source. Spirit shares It's Light because that is how It expresses Itself.
  • Spirit knows only Truth, being only Truth. It is from Truth that Mind receives It's inspiration.
  • Spirit inspires. The Mind focuses this inspiration to manifest in the physical world.

Spirit, Essential Energy -- present everywhere, eternal, un-changeable. Let us think of Energy also as Light and also as Love, as in the Light of Love. Light is an attribute of Spirit. Love is an attribute of Spirit.

The Mind may be thought of as a focusing device for Spirit, for Light, for Love. As we use the magnifying glass to focus the sun's energy, so we may use the Mind to focus Spiritual Energy, the Light of Love. The appropriate flow is from Spirit, focused by Mind, and finally expressed by the body into the physical realm.

Each part of Mind carries all of the Light, all of the Power, of the entire Mind. It is not doled out according to some magical formula. Each part is a container of the whole and yet the whole exceeds the sum of its parts. This is one of those statements that seems to make no sense, but given sufficient focus, may just turn into a 'masterpiece of reason'.

The Mind is capable of being inspired by Spirit. Spirit is from where the Mind receives its creative power, which is its Source. The Mind is also capable of imagining itself as separate from its Source and then the Mind has become the mind, a state of separation in which Mind has become mind, dispirited, and then sees -- imagines -- itself as if it is cut off from its Source.

The mind now sees itself as without Light. Where there is no Light, there must be only darkness. The mind that has imagined itself separate from the Light, now sees itself in a dark place, alone, powerless, lacking in everything it had previously taken for granted. Separate from its Source, separate from the Light of Love, separate from inspiration, separate from Spirit.

Now does the mind try to see in the darkness, there is nothing there to be seen, no Light -- but the mind still has its ability to imagine -- to make believe. And even though it is not real, at least it is something to do and something to see and something with which to interact.

And this is where you and I seem to find ourselves now. Appearing separate, alone, in the darkness, dispirited and uninspired and of course looking for someone to blame all of this on. Someone who was responsible for making the Light go away. Someone who did this to us. We don't remember doing this to ourselves. But all we have really done was to make a silly, childish mistake, a misunderstanding, an uninspired, imaginary thought.

For the mind to really convince itself it is all alone, there must be a physical witness to this separation, thus enters the body, the perfect witness to our separation.

The body is simply a tool, a learning device that may serve us, not the other way around. The body does not have 'a mind of its own'. The body does not have a grasp of the situation if only we could communicate better with it. The body does not know anything.

The body functions for us. When left to its own devices, the body pretty much takes care of itself. The body causes our hearts to beat, our lungs to breathe, our nerves to transmit impulses that go to other parts of the body to tell them what to do. The body does this and so much more all without so much as a little push from us.

But who is in charge of all this? Does the body tell us what to do or do we tell the body what to do? Or is it some kind of cooperative effort between us and our bodies, where the responsibilities are shared, thus lessening the burdens we must carry?

The body is simply a tool, a learning device for the mind. The body does not think, it follows our orders, our intentions, that we give to it.

Spirit is totally unaffected by any of this, It simply shines It's Light of Love.

The body is only a learning device for the Mind-mind.

It is the Mind-mind that has become confused about Who is It's-it's Source-source.

Our next article will be on 'How do we put Humpty-Dumpty back together again.'