Article # 3: What about Spirit?

Article # 3: What about Spirit?

In the previous article, I indicated we would be looking into 'the mind' next. I decided this was perhaps not the best order of topics, so we will take a peek at "spirit".

The word "spirit", from the Latin spiritus, refers to "breath", which was taken from the Greek "pneuma".

Spirit may be thought of as Essential Energy -- present everywhere, eternal, un-changeable. Let us think of Energy also as Light and also as Love, as in the Light of Love. Light is an attribute of Spirit. Love is an attribute of Spirit. This analogy may not be perfect but we may find it helpful and we need all the help we can get in order to talk about something that is not readily visible nor readily discernable by the senses of our bodies.

There is no good Energy or bad Energy, no negative and no positive Energy. There is only Energy. Negative Energy is a mistaken identification, simply a misunderstanding. What we used to think of as negative Energy turns out to be a temporary observation where a limited 'time-space' appears to have less Energy when compared to another 'time-space' that appears to have more Energy.

The intensity of Energy appears temporarily less here and temporarily more there. We have mistakenly described these observations as 'this place has negative Energy while that other place has positive Energy. This is simply a misnomer, a mis-understanding, a mis-take.

Perception, that which the body's eyes can see, is not Truth. Perception may show us that the magician has just sawed a lady in half, and then, somehow, managed to put her back together again. This is not Truth. The lady was never sawed in half, it only looked that way. It was only perceived that way. It never really happened at all.

Perception can be easily deceived. The old saying, "seeing is believing", is inaccurate. "Believing is Seeing" is far more relevant.

Energy is simply Energy, Spirit is simply Spirit, it is as simple as that. Neither positive nor negative, it simply is. The 'Law of Conservation of Energy' implies that Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Energy is eternal and unchangeable, having always been, always will be. Its form may change, but the Energy remains the un-changed. By considering Energy as Light, it may be easier to see how Light, how Spirit, expresses Itself.

Giving and receiving are united, they only appear separate to separate minds who see everything as separate from themselves.

Giving is proof of having. We cannot give what we do not have. By giving the Light of Love, this Light returns to us, and lovingly witnesses to us that we have given It.

  • Spirit is Source. Spirit shares It's Light because that is how It expresses Itself.
  • Spirit knows only Truth, being only Truth. It is from Truth that Mind receives It's inspiration.
  • Spirit inspires. The Mind focuses this inspiration to manifest in the physical world.

Our next article will be about the 'Mind-mind' and how we use it for making mistakes or for correcting, forgiving, them. The choice is always open for us to decide.