Article # 5: What about the Mind? Part II

Article # 5: What about the Mind? Part II

The mind has no power, only its own imagined power. The mind has no Energy, only its own imagined energy, the mind has no Light, only its own imagined light - which is darkness.

These are all mistakes made manifest by our belief in their being correct, when they are wrong. A mistake needs to be corrected. A mistake needs to be forgiven. When we make a mistake we do not need to be punished, only corrected.

A good teacher will strive to find a loving and gentle way of helping us to understand the correct answer and to let correction, forgiveness, lighten our burdens.

We have the freedom to allow our mistaken beliefs to be corrected, to be forgiven. And then, being without cause, there can be no effects.

A person may be inspired to build the world's tallest building. The Mind may accept this inspiration and may go about causing the building to be built. In the physical world, the Mind may use the mind to direct the brain to direct the body to do certain things -- to seek out other minds to assist in engineering and designing the building, and attaining financial backing to pay for it all, to bring together the many other minds needed to actually build the structural unit -- the world's tallest building.

The Mind is capable of being inspired by Spirit. Spirit is from where the Mind receives its creative power, which is its Source. The Mind is also capable of imagining itself as separate from its Source and then the Mind has become the mind, a state of separation in which Mind has become the mind, dispirited, and then sees -- imagines -- itself as if it is cut off from its Source.

The mind now feels free to imagine it is all on its own, free from the inspiration of Spirit. It may see itself alone, powerless, deserted in its lonely hour of need. Instead of being Mind, it has become a mind, one of many little minds all competing for energy in an energy-scarce universe, separated from Source. This little mind is no longer able to remember it did this to itself. This little mind is unable to remember that the separation was only a silly, childish imagined idea, a mistake, not inspired by Spirit.

The mind now sees itself as without Light. Where there is no Light, there must be only darkness. The mind that has imagined itself separate from the Light, now sees itself in a dark place, alone, powerless, lacking in everything it had previously taken for granted. Separate from its Source, separate from the Light of Love, separate from inspiration, separate from Spirit.

Now does the mind try to see in the darkness, there is nothing there to be seen, no Light -- but the mind still has its ability to imagine -- to make believe. And even though it is not real, at least it is something to do and something to see and something with which to interact.

And this is where you and I seem to find ourselves now. Appearing separate, alone, in the darkness, dispirited and uninspired and of course looking for someone to blame all of this on. Someone who was responsible for making the Light go away. Someone who did this to us. We don't remember doing this to ourselves. But all we have really done was to make a silly, childish mistake, a misunderstanding, an uninspired, imaginary thought.

All we have done was simply make a mistake as a little child might be mistaken in believing two and two are five. We were simply mistaken in believing 'my Father and I are separate'.

How do we go about correcting the mistake of separation? We must re-connect with Spirit, our Source. We must shift from the mind to the Mind. This is the topic of our next article