Feng Shui Basics

Feng Shui Basics

The Energy of Wind and Water

wind and waterFeng Shui (pronounced fung shway) literally means wind and water. Water represents the physical, manifest world while wind represents the inner world of energy that interacts with the outer. External Feng Shui is about arranging our environment, our homes and businesses to open to the energy (Chi) of Prosperity and Success. Internal Feng Shui is about exploring our inner worlds of mind/body/spirit and opening these worlds to the energy (Chi) of Health and Happiness.

In arranging a room or building, 9 areas are noted to be of special significance. A Baqua Map, is used to illustrates the relationship of areas in a room (or home). Imagine dividing your room (home, office) into the following 9 areas, first clear your clutter, then place objects which reinforce the attributes of each area. In addition, in Feng Shui, nine special "cures" are noted to enhance energy flow. These cures include: Bright Objects: Mirrors, Faceted Crystal balls, gems, lights, candles; Sounds: Wind chimes, bells, music; Living Chi: Flowers, Plants, Birds, Fish; Moving: Mobiles, Chimes, Fountains; Heavy: Stone, Furniture; Mechanical: Computers, Stereos, TV; Bamboo: flutes; Color: Relates to each area on Baqua Map.

Baqua Map

WEALTH( purple) Southeast: Call in chi with fountains, crystals, mobiles FAME (red) South, Fiery items: candles, incense RELATIONSHIPS (pink) Southwest: Pairs of things: bookends, matching statues
HEALTH & FAMILY (green) East, Wood: Plants, flowers, living things CENTER (yellow) : Quiet space for centering, meditation CHILDREN, CREATIVITY (white) West, Metal: Whimsical items, crafts
KNOWLEDGE (blue-green) Northeast: Enhance personal reflection CAREER (black) North, Water: Flowing water fountains, crystals HELPFUL PEOPLE (gray) Northwest: Spiritual guidance, travel and helping
MAIN ENTRANCE (Use Entrance or Compass directions to view map)

* Note: If using the Compass Method, disregard the "main entrance" and look at the room or building by Compass Directions.

Just as energy circulates in a room, it also circulates in our minds and bodies. Internal Feng Shui involves the pattern of energy flows inside ourselves. These inside flows are reflected out into our environments and our environments influence the inner flows. Even the elements are similar - Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth energies circulate inside us and influence the physical health and functioning of our bodies. For example, Air energy provides movement in the nervous and circulatory systems. Tight shoulders and high stress block this energy. To promote it's flow, eat foods that grow high in the air (fruits and nuts) and gently massage your shoulders to release tightness.

Energize the Element

Energize Water with vegetables & melon type foods and soothing baths or trips to the ocean. Earth (Body Forms,)
Physical = Bones,
Emotional = Fear vs. Feeling Safe
Energize Earth with foods that grow below the ground & calming physical activity like gardening.
Physical = Reproductive systems,
Emotional =
Attachment vs. Letting Go
Physical = Joints,
Emotional = Grief vs. Joy
Physical = Nerves, Circulation, Breath,
Emotional = Desire vs. Love
Energize Fire by eating wheat & grains and vigorous physical activity to burn off stress. Fire
Physical= Digestion,
Emotional = Anger vs. Enthusiasm
Energize Air with foods that grow high on trees and yoga or meditation to loosen shoulders & decrease stress.

Air energy may also be released for health and healing through mindfulness meditation. Simply sit, close your eyes and feel the air of your breath moving in and out of your nose. Focus on the breath. When you become distracted by a thought or feeling, label it as "thinking" or "feeling", then return to the breath. Try this daily for 5 minutes to experience the flow of Air energy within.

Dr. Jill Henry, EdD, PT, APP is author of the new book by Llewellyn, Energy SourceBook – The Fundamentals of Personal Energy.